Terms and Conditions

Terms of Business and General Reservation Conditions

  1. Purview

    1. The following Terms of Business and General Reservation Conditions apply to rental contracts for hotel accommodation as well as to further services and deliveries provided by Fehendhoo Stay (herein after referred to as the “Hotel”) for the client whether single or multiple Guests under the same booking. (herein referred to as Guest).
    2. Subletting and re-letting of the rooms as well as the use for any other purpose than accommodation is not allowed.
  2. Conclusion of agreement

    1. Contracting parties are the hotel and the Guest. If a third party orders on account of the Guest the third party is jointly and severally liable with the Guest for all contract obligations provided the hotel has an appropriate statement of the third party.
    2. The contract becomes effective with the Hotel’s acceptance. The hotel is free to confirm the booking of rooms in written form.
    3. Hotel’s offers for entering into an accommodation agreement are made without obligation and are not binding. Hotel may, at its own discretion, refuse to enter into an accommodation agreement with a Guest.
    4. The Guest shall not have any right to use of a particular Hotel Room or to fulfilment of special requests beyond the use of a Hotel Room without prior written agreement. He/she is only entitled to use of a Hotel Room in the room category booked by him/her.
  3. Reservation, cancellation and no-show.

    1. In order to use the room and additional services the client is obliged to pay the valid price respectively latest upon check-in. This also applies to services and expenses of the hotel towards third parties arranged by the Hotel for or on behalf of Guest.
    2. If the Guest does not show up at the hotel by 1900 hrs of the check-in day the reservation shall be forfeited completely and the reserved rooms shall become freely available. The Guest in this regard shall no longer have any right to use of a Hotel Room. However, the Hotel, at its discretion may require the Guest to pay any third party expenses already paid on behalf of the Guest.
    3. For multi-day reservations, all nights following the night of the day of arrival (accordingly as of the second night of the booking period) will be cancelled in the case of a no-show by 6 a.m. of the day following the day of arrival. In this case, the Guest shall have no claim to a Hotel Room for the subsequent nights. However, the Hotel, at its discretion may require the Guest to pay the overnight rate for the first night and any third party expenses already paid on behalf of the Guest.
    4. The client has the right to cancel the contract only prior to written consent of the hotel. In case this written consent is not available, the contracted price is to be paid even if the client does not use all contracted services. This does not apply in case of violation of the hotel’s obligation to consider the rights, legal objects and interests of the client if it is no longer reasonable for the client to adhere to the contract or if the client has any other legal or contractual right for cancellation.
    5. If a cancellation date was contracted between the hotel and the client in written form, the client has the right to cancel the contract until that date without causing demands for payment or claim for damages from the hotel. The client’s right of cancellation expires, if he does not exercise this right in writing towards the hotel until the agreed date.
  4. Terms and conditions of use

    1. The hotel is obliged to have the rooms ready for the Guest and to provide the service as contracted.
    2. Only those persons identified in the reservation shall be entitled to use the Hotel Room. The maximum occupation for the respective room category may not be exceeded. Extra bed is provided for an additional fee and subject to availability.
    3. The Guest shall return the Hotel Room duly vacated and undamaged by no later than 12:00 p.m. on the departure date. After such time, Hotel shall be entitled to charge the Guest 100% of the overnight rate of the previous day for his/her use of the Hotel Room exceeding the contractually agreed use as a result of the Hotel Room being vacated late.
  5. Third party services

    1. All activities, meals, and transfer to and from Fehendhoo island (herein referred to as Third party services) are provided by third parties and as such the Hotel shall not be held liable for the services.
    2. The prices and availability of Third party services are subject to change without prior notice. The Guest is required to check with the Hotel prior to booking and arrival the accuracy of information. However, once a booking has been confirmed and prices agreed in writing, the Hotel will honor the prices.
  6. Final Provision

    1. Hotel reserves the right to change or alter Terms of Business and General Reservation Conditions without prior notice.
    2. Should certain provisions of these Terms of Business and General Reservation Conditions become invalid or void, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions is not affected.